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  1. mrgub
    Chaquetas,camisetas,gorras,ropa interior y...ositos de peluche:
    Camisetas,para que queden bien solo hay de las pitufas
  2. Gallo1981
    Como dije en nuestro tema principal, copio los enlaces, que en su día colgó Piwi y que recientemente ha rescatado Soopaparar, para tenerlo por aquí algo más a mano.
    Aquí van:
    The mods are starting to come out and here is a few links to them, post up if you find any thing.

    Seat cowls ,carbon bolt on's ......


    Frame sliders.

    Yoshi pipes.
  3. Gallo1981
  4. Gallo1981
    Thought I would pass along this link I found for mirror extensions. Looks like there the same as the 1250 Bandit.
  5. Gallo1981
    Carbon covers read stickers}

    And half tank cover ,but look at the seat on the tank cover picture.'
    Looks after market. .
    Here you go Applewins.
    Double bubble Screen with pictures and hugger.

    Click on the moving picture for a better picture .
    Also notice the blue head light cover.

    And the website.
  6. Gallo1981
    wanna check out this site for frame sliders
    Lowering kits.
    This looks like it may help improve the brakes, which I find aren't up to par with the rest of the bike.

  7. Gallo1981
    Gallo1981 : Has a nice undertray (with or without built in LED turnsignals , 4" bigger windscreen and a 'tiny hugger' : Has windscreens, Huggers and Headlights covers for the 650F. I especially like the Hugger, better then the Power Bronze- and ErmaxUK version
  8. Gallo1981
    The crash protectors are GBP 180 javascript:emoticon('') - no modifications required - other than perhaps your overdraft limit javascript:emoticon('')

    french site.. not sure if they ship to the USA, but I am in love with the topline undertail..

    i have puig crashpads -
  9. Gallo1981
    Fender eliminator . .

    Wave disks + pipes etc.

    Like you I haven't bought anything from OS. I have ordered a Staintune slip-on from Melbourne. It has a removeable baffle and comes highly recommended. Costing me $700 and very easy to install. I'll post some sound when I get it fitted....probably on the weekend.
  10. Gallo1981
    The Power bronze upgrades are now located on ebay and shipping from within the united states. They have a warehouse in michigan and have there stuff listed on ebay.
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