Hello my friends.

I am Michael Dudiof.

You can relax now, i have moved my ass on an other country and website . I see that i have here a lot of "friends" . Anyway i want to help a little because i made so much trouble here ! and for start check also http://forum.aa419.org or http://db.aa419.org you will see there a lot of scam websites. And you can report scam sites also. Anyway the real advice is do not trust anyone from this internet world even if you see scanned documents because they can be easily be procured from other real sellers. Only when you see the motorcycle in front of your face, then you give the seller the money. And by the way use www.wizzair.com it is a lowcost service for airplanes and come to U.K. or other country when you see a bike on the internet. And for all those who will say that i will get caught .... don't mind i am doing this for almost 12 years and never had problems with the police. You would be amazed what money can do in this world. And last thing do not try to send the police on my name and address that you have... because you know that they are fake :

Regards and take care !!!