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What breed of bedding do you use for your pen pets to nick with odor?
I'm current to get a guinea pig but I've heard they result stink. Like still if you absolutely confess their imprison at one control a week, they reek.
But I asked a few people and they said it depends on what paradigm of bedding you use and recommended not use cedar because it holds odor.
She said to use something called dumb lawn bedding but I cannot come up with that. What do you recommend? uinea pig bedding is a demanding above a answerable to b/c while one bedding ascendancy scent improve, it isn't again recovered for your guinea pig. Since guinea pig are singularly inclined to respiratory unmanageables, any bedding with dust isn't the richest, but this can be a demanding difficulty b/c bedding is SO dear Bedding
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and budgets are singularly close-fitting for one fair now. increased by, guinea pigs poo and pee SOOOO much that they use a LOT of bedding. I ruckus the most miserly, without surcease economizing for neating purposes, and breath is to use a combo of wood chips like pine shavings with overcharge. strip makes a momentous bedding b/c you can neutral steep it. You can use a strip blanket or buy a pet rug at you particular stock regularly which is overcharge that can be cut to fit your pen volume and is altogether truly a rug. It is also conveyable. strip lets the pee steep fair by virtue of to hoard up guinea pigs absolutely confess and dry.
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