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Hi there / hola motociclista en Espana

Hi there, my name is Mortis. First I have to apolgise for not being able to spreak / write in Spanish,

so it´s got to be English. Below the English text I have added a google trnaslation in SPanish and hope it helps....

I´m planning to gor for a ride from Barcelona to Almeria and retour from ish mid of February. I´ll ride an older bike with a 2 valve boxer engine with high compression and I need at least 98 octane. As some parts of the engine , e.g. the carburetors, are made from Zamak, such material does not comply with the use of ethanol.

In Germany ethanol free petrol is still on offer, however, in Spain CEPSA and REPSOL have now only E10 98 petrol, according to their technical data sheets. I have asked them and they replied that´"it´s up to very petrol station, how much ethanol would be added". Thus, CEPSA and REPSOL 98 could contain up to 10 % Ethanol but could also be 5% depending on what the very petrol station ordered when being supplied from the refinery.

I do know that BP and Shell offer 98 E5, however, in some areas those brands are not available (e.g. Teruel, Cuenca). So I need to know if CEPSA and / or REPSOL is offered and labeled as E5 98 petrol on / from the fuel pumps.

Even better would be, if someone knew ethanol free petrol was available.

Thank you ver much


Spanish google translation:

Estoy planeando hacer un viaje desde Barcelona a Almería y regresar de aquí a mediados de febrero. Conduciré una bicicleta más vieja con un motor bóxer de 2 válvulas con alta compresión y necesito al menos 98 octanos. Como algunas partes del motor, p. Los carburadores, están hechos de Zamak, dicho material no cumple con el uso de etanol.

En Alemania todavía se ofrece gasolina sin etanol, sin embargo, en España CEPSA y REPSOL ahora solo tienen gasolina E10 98, según sus fichas técnicas. Les pregunté y respondieron que "depende de la estación de servicio, cuánto etanol se agregaría". Por lo tanto, CEPSA y REPSOL 98 podrían contener hasta un 10% de etanol, pero también podrían ser del 5% dependiendo de lo que ordenó la misma estación de servicio cuando se suministró desde la refinería.

Sé que BP y Shell ofrecen 98 E5, sin embargo, en algunas áreas esas marcas no están disponibles (por ejemplo, Teruel, Cuenca). Por lo tanto, necesito saber si CEPSA y / o REPSOL se ofrecen y etiquetan como gasolina E5 98 en / desde las bombas de combustible.

Aún mejor sería, si alguien supiera que hay gasolina libre de etanol disponible.

Muchas gracias



  • hollerosholleros MegaForero ✭✭✭
    Yo diria que no vas a encontrar gasolinas sin etanol y me parece que las de repsol llevan hasta metanol, que es peor.
    Nunca discutas con un idi0ta, te rebajará a su nivel y te ganará por su experiencia.

  • MarieMarie MegaForero ✭✭✭
    Hello, maybe it will be better to put an engine additive to avoid any trouble if you don't find ethanol free petrol.... I thing there is additive for this case, and you should look about it before your trip as probably you will not find ethanol free petrol in most of the gas stations.

    Suerte !
    Vendo mi CB 400 SF

  • Hi there,

    many thanks for your replies. I know about additives, however, those are mainly meant to avoid the water bound by ethanol gets separated and then would lead to corrosion. The direct impact of ethanol on several metals will hardly be resolved by those additives. These are fine to protect your fuel system when storing the bike during winter for longer periods.

    As there seems to be no ethanol free petrol available in Spain, I need to ensure to fuel up with max 5% ethanol. As I wrote above, Shell and BP are assumed to offer E5 98 petrol. As such stations are not present nation wide, can somebody in this forum tell me whether CEPSA and / or REPSOL still offer E5 98 petrols too?

    Thank you very much.


    Google translation:


    muchas gracias por tus respuestas. Sé que los aditivos, sin embargo, están destinados principalmente a evitar que el agua unida por el etanol se separe y luego conduzca a la corrosión. El impacto directo del etanol en varios metales difícilmente será resuelto por esos aditivos. Estos están bien para proteger su sistema de combustible al almacenar la bicicleta durante el invierno por períodos más largos.

    Como parece que no hay gasolina libre de etanol disponible en España, necesito asegurarme de cargar combustible con un máximo de etanol al 5%. Como escribí anteriormente, se supone que Shell y BP ofrecen gasolina E5 98. Como tales estaciones no están presentes en todo el país, ¿alguien en este foro puede decirme si CEPSA y / o REPSOL todavía ofrecen los controles E5 98 también?

    Muchas Gracias

  • MarieMarie MegaForero ✭✭✭
    They have change in Europe 98 or 95 names. Now it is supposed to be E5 and E10, and E5 is supposed to have 5% of etanol. But to be sure which gas station you may used in all Spain, it is difficult to say....
    This afternoon I will go to the gas station for my motorcycle, I will try to ask about it.

    Meanwhile I live you this article, it is in spanish, but it may help you.

    Vendo mi CB 400 SF

  • Hi Marie,

    thank you very much. In the linked article it is clearly said that "a main petrol company has changed to offer all E10 petrols". This is the point - REPSOL and CEPSA did offer their 98 with 5% ethanol in the past.

    As already mentioned, I got a reply from CEPSA stating that "it is up to the very petrol station how much ethanol is added to the petrol offered". They also advised me to contact the petrol stations along my planned route to ensure availabilty of 98 E5 petrol.

    I only got one reply yet from a CEPSA station in Teruel confirming they sell 98 E5.

    BP and SHELL are both assumed to offer 98 E5. However, those stations are mainly present along main traffic backbones near coastal areas and in major cities.

    Obviuosly, it´s getting problematic to avoid E10 going through Spain.

    If you could find out if "in real life" at least some CEPSA stations still offer 98 E5, and BP and SHELL offer 98 E5 as a standard, this would be a great help and would enable me to adjust my routing.

    Thank you very much.

    Best Regards

  • MarieMarie MegaForero ✭✭✭
    editado 6 de febrero
    Hi Mortis,

    Yesterday I asked in Repsol, and the man with who I spoke just told me that ....... he has no idea about this.... really he doesn't know what he is selling...... :#

    As we can read, the E5 is supposed to be 5% etanol, but just supposed..... as you said, in the real life, any gas station may sell what ever he wants, and as seen yesterday, probably no one knows if it is 5 % of 10 % ethanol....

    But yesterday I saw that on the gas "machine" they had stickers with E5 on both, 98 y 95 distributor..... but I don't know if you can just trust some stickers......

    Sorry, but for now, I didn't obtained nothing clear....
    Vendo mi CB 400 SF

  • Hi Marie,

    thanks again for your kind help.

    Did you find that 98 E5 Sticker at a CEPSA station?

    Generally spoken I would assume that though indeed a sticker is just a sticker, this as a part of the new EU regulations for labeling normed fuels represents a binding confirmation according to the technical specs re what is allowed to be included in fuels.

    Subsequently, the very people at petrol stations might not care much about the "how and why", however, the petrol companies are liable for what they offer. Though e.g. the CEPSA technical data sheet states that their 98 "can include up to 10% ethanol", that does not mean that it cannot contain less than that. If a CEPSA station labels 98 as an E5, it must not include more than 5% ehtanol.

    I cannot see why they should run a risk, even more so, as ethanol is more expensive than petrol and most engines that need 98 octane are older and would not use E10. From that aspect, it would not make much sense to me offering an E10 fuel with an E5 label / sticker.

    REPSOL is reported to now only offer E10 fuels...., and they label it E10.

    Anyway, I´ll give it a try, filling my tank up with 102 octane ethanol free petrol and hoping I will find 98 E5 in Spain.

    BTW - in what region in Spain are you located?

    Best Regards

  • MarieMarie MegaForero ✭✭✭
    Hi Mortis,

    Yes it was a repsol Gas station.
    And both 95 and 98 have those stikers, like that:


    And other one had the sticker up on the distribution machine.

    And you are right, there is no sense to offer E10 fuel with an E5 sticker.

    This Repsol gas station where I went yesterday is in Barcelona.

    I hope you can have your trip anyway, and that your motorcycle will not be injured.

    Have a good trip, and come back whenever you can to tell us how was your journey.

    Ride safe !

    Best regards Mortis !

    Vendo mi CB 400 SF

  • MarieMarie MegaForero ✭✭✭
    Try to read this, it may interest you.

    Someone said:
    Mi coche te indica el porcentaje de etanol. La 95 suele marcar entre un 2 y un 4% en invierno, y hasta un 10 en verano, aunque este año por estas fechas algún día veo un 7. La 98 suele marcar como mucho un 2.

    Traduction: My car tells you the percentage of ethanol. The 95 usually marks between 2 and 4% in winter, and up to 10 in summer, although this year by this time one day I see a 7. The 98 usually marks at most a 2.

    And other one said better use Cepsa, as Cepsa has less ethanol that Repsol...... But they are just people talking about that topic, and I don't know to what extent you can trust their comments ... but it may give an idea.
    Vendo mi CB 400 SF

  • El_PolloEl_Pollo
    editado 7 de febrero
    Hi Mortis, if you want my opinion the best will be come with another bike or save some money to clean the engine once you are back. IMO planning a trip in Spain with a non 100% compatible motorcycle sounds risky...good luck.

    Luego, como nada vacilaba, ni vibraba, ni temblaba, y permanecían fijos el giroscopio, el altímetro y el régimen del motor, se desperezó un poco, apoyó su nuca en el cuero del respaldo, e inició esta profunda meditación del vuelo, en la que se saborea una esperanza inexplicable
  • Hi Marie, hi El Pollo,

    thanks again for your kind help and info.

    Though I do think that ethanol indeed is an issue and needs to be obeyed re older engines, matter of fact has it that e.g. in Germany ethanol is added since ish 2005. Before 2011, there was no legal need to announce ethnol contents up to 5%.

    Though premium fuels in Germany would not have added ethanol even those still can contain a rest of it up to some 0,7% because the same tank lorries transport fuels with or without added ethanol to petrol stations alltrough the year, I don´t tend to panic about low ethanol mixtures. Still, I do want to avoid 10% ethanol (E10). With the info provided I shall be able to make my way round as it seems.

    As per "take another motorbike". Nope, The very bike has been built for the purpose, which is light, pretty quick, great brakes, nimble, uncomfortable, noisy, and just brilliant to ride through the twisties. My intention is to ride and revving it, not sightseeing, not "classic touring". After a day´s ride a stop over at a nice hotel, proper food `n drinks, popping into local pubs, avoiding tourist hot spots and enjoying the "real Espana" at its best.

    Best Regards


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